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Are You A Good Orator?

Think of a great speaker — a famous politician, an actor, a writer or even a journalist. It could be even one of your professors whose motivational speeches have inspired you to study hard and get good grades.

But most of the talks that happen in classrooms among peers is not like this. Usually in classroom discussions, students are more concerned with learning than with connecting with the audience. Their talking is exploratory rather than presentational.

As A Student Why Should You Bother About Communication Skills?

You might be wondering that why you need to worry about how to speak in front of an audience. After your school is over, you just need to go to college where no interview or group discussion is needed and you are probably right in thinking this way.

However, have you ever thought that once you leave your school and step into the new boundaries of college with new students, new teachers and new premise, will it be easy for you to blend? What if the other kids are expert orators or great in talking? Inspite of being a school topper, you might end up sitting on back bench un-noticed.

Ask Yourself and Decide If You Need To Work on Your Communication Skills

  • Are you confident enough to stand on a stage and speak in front of a large audience?

  • Are you able to speak extemporaneously or without a planned script?

  • Can you describe yourself in 5 sentences without pauses?

  • Are you confident to participate in a debate and state your opinion on the subject matter?

  • Do you understand the difference between Reading and Reading Aloud effectively? 

Why HotSpot.Coach

Expert Mentors

We have expert mentors who have been working in HR industry for more than 20 years. They know what the real world needs in a student / candidate and will prepare you to face the competition with a better communication skill than your peers.

Doesn’t Affect Your Study Time

As students your primary concern is getting good marks and study hard and that’s most important. However, a good communication understanding will help you study properly also since you would be able to read questions properly and articulate your answers better.

Get Prepared for Higher Education

Either you are dreaming of going abroad to study or get into a good business school, you will be required to present yourself in a way that can impress the person on the other side of the table. We aim to do just that!

If your answers to the above questions is YES, then Congratulations, but if not then let us help you change the NO to YES!!!

Interested? Talk with Our Mentor

If you are a school principal or a student studying in school and you feel that you could benefit from a little bit grooming on the communications side to help you be better prepared for the real world that lies ahead in your career path, then please drop in a message and we will be happy to speak to you and help you further.


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