Unlike real interviews, online interviews can be recorded and viewed later for deeper assessment. How you dress, how you site, how you talk, what are your expressions, every fine details matter. Ask yourself, are you camera ready?

Tips to Be Covid Interview Ready

1. Dress well and professionally

Even if you are not in a real office environment and appearing for interview from the comfort of your home, don’t take dressing casually. Appear formal, neat and well prepared to wow the interviewer. Doesn’t matter if you are wearing your favourite shorts or pyjamas, what matters the most is that you are wearing your best shirt.

2. Set a space aside

Most of us are working on our beds or sofa these days, which works in your favour since no one is watching you. When it comes to interview, ensure that you have a proper space set aside with minimal background image and sound so that the interviewer doesn’t get distracted and is able to focus on you.

3. Listen to the interviewer carefully without yawning

Unlike a real office environment where you are alert and aware, during online interview, it’s possible to lose track of what the interviewer is saying and answer well. Don’t look here and there and keep focus on the screen.

4. Avoid distractions and regular habits

We are all used to biting our nails, touching our noses, adjusting glasses, moving hair all the time when we are working on our laptops. Unfortunately these can be considered signs of nervousness and can create a negative image for you during interview. Stay alert and keep your hands on your laps or on the desk.

Still nervous? Just get in touch with our mentors and we will prep you in no time for your next big interview. Good luck!